Need a Writerly Hand?

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I’m Erin, the Editor/Writer behind The Writer in Full blog and book series, and I also offer services for individual writers in search of a little one-on-one help. I have experience working with writers of all levels, from non-native speakers to published authors, and I particularly enjoy working with new/emerging writers and those interested in self-publishing.

Manuscript read-throughs. Looking for an economical way to get feedback on a current project? I will read through your work and provide about two pages of notes and feedback, plus suggestions for how to move forward. This service also includes, at no additional charge, two “freebie” questions for the project I’ve reviewed, redeemable at any time in the future.

Copy editing. I will take your precious manuscript and polish it until it shines. Whether it’s light copy editing, heavier structural editing, or deep developmental work, I’m ready to go as deep as the project requires, the writer desires, and the budget allows.

Proofreading. Perhaps you’re prepping to self-publish, or to send a piece of writing off to agents, editors, or publishers, and you simply need a sharp set of eyes to catch anything you might have missed. Let me put my deep knowledge of Chicago, AP, and APA styles to work to ensure you look your best.

Coaching. Sometimes, the guidance you’re looking for is bigger than a single project. I can also help you identify and tackle weaknesses in your writerly skill set and point you to resources and exercises that will help you improve your craft. We’ll wrangle ideas and explore the practical and philosophical underpinnings of writing as they relate to your personal goals, talents and inclinations. I take a frank, down-to-earth approach to coaching writers, and my emphasis is on helping you to develop better habits and get better content onto the page.

“… but how much do you charge?”

It’s an important question! Depending on the project, I’ll charge either a flat project fee or an hourly rate, to be determined at the outset based on scope and needs.

I offer free, no-pressure phone, Skype, or in-person consultations. During that casual chat, I can often provide a ballpark estimate of cost, followed later by a more tailored estimate. I’m also open to discussing barter arrangements with other creative professionals, particularly with graphic designers. Don’t be shy! Get in touch!