"How come I'm not famous yet?"


There’s this thing that gets said about unrealized dreams and desires, and it’s this:

if you really wanted it badly enough, wouldn’t you have already made it happen?

Maybe. Or maybe not.

We fail to make headway on our goals for a multitude of reasons having nothing to do with how much you want it: lack of clarity or time, fear, distraction, laziness, neurosis, self-loathing, and unsupportive friends and partners, to name a select few. Failure to progress doesn’t always indicate that a goal is unworthy or untenable.

Sometimes you just haven’t found the time or the means or the place or the simple gumption. That doesn’t mean you can’t.

It doesn’t mean you never, ever will. You just. Haven’t. Yet.

Relax. There’s still yet time, and plenty of it.

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