Business, Education & Lifestyle Copywriting Services

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Let’s be honest — the web’s already bursting with content. But it’s got a bit of a quality-control problem. Making your message heard above all the mindless chatter is going to require more than just another humdrum writer; you need the skill of a seasoned, sharp-eyed communicator capable of driving online conversations and not just rehashing them.

I bring a broad background in journalism, copywriting, and cross-disciplinary editing to bear on projects of all sorts. And I’m a photographer, too!

I can help with:

Marketing collateral. I work closely with marketing departments to craft advertorials, email campaigns, and other branded content. A journalist by training, I know the ins and outs of various media, enjoy working with teams to craft and hone messaging, and can help you ensure that you’re speaking to your audience in a language they’ll recognize.

Feature writing. I contribute regularly to a variety of magazines, newspapers, and websites focused on Pacific Northwest tourism, travel, business, and family, and I’m eternally eager to dig into a juicy lifestyle feature. She’s also got the chops to ably cover hard news.

Content marketing and web copy. I can help you supercharge your online presence through optimized landing page copy, targeted blog posts, e-books, lead magnets, and other web-specific written products. I’m available for short- and long-term content-creation initiatives, and I can also help you improve the materials you’ve already got.

Editing and proofing. Sometimes, you just need a smarter set of eyes. I’m a former newspaper editor proficient in AP and Chicago styles, and I’m adept at following or even helping to develop in-house style guides. I’m comfortable polishing everything from web and print content to full-length manuscripts. I can go as deep as the project requires, from heavy developmental restructuring to light copy editing, proofing, and fact-checking.

Essayist. In my downtime, I ponder the many, many intersections of travel, writing, pop culture, and love. Read some of my essays here.